Board Members

CBC Membership Application


1) Honorable Rosa Figarola,  Chair, 11th Judicial Circuit, Juvenile Division Judge

2) Honorable Maria Sampedro-Iglesia,  Co-Chair, 11th Judicial Circuit, Juvenile Division Judge


3) Imran Ali, Child Advocate

4) Jessica Allen, Guardian ad Litem Program

5) Betty Alonso, ConnectFamilias

6) Bart Armstrong, Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe

7) Charles Auslander, The Children’s Trust

8) Mark Buchbinder, I Have a Dream – Overtown

9) Honorable Jeri B. Cohen, 11th Judicial Circuit, Juvenile Division Judge

10) Morris Copeland, Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services Department

11) John Dow, South Florida Behavioral Health Network

12) Gilda Ferradaz, Department of Children and Families

13) Terria Flakes, Department of Juvenile Justice

14) Rhea Gray, AHCA – Medicaid

15) Nelson Hincapie, Voices for Children

16) Honorable Cindy Lerner, Mayor of Pinecrest

17) Alexsa Leto, 16th Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program

18) Candice Maze, Foster Care Review

19) Brett McNaught, Educate Tomorrow

20) Maritza Moreno, Foster Parent Advocate

21) Catherine Penrod, Switchboard of Miami, Inc.

22) Chassah Perez, United Way of Miami-Dade

23) Isabel Perez-Morina, The Advocate Program

24) Jackye Russell, Early Learning Coaltion

25) Mark Zaher, Miami-Dade County Public School System


Michelle Breuer, Executive Director

Member Selection
The CBC Alliance has approximately 25 members that represent a diversity of
agencies, entities and individuals who are involved with or knowledgeable about the child welfare system. The statute and the Alliance bylaws require that the following entities are represented on any county’s community based care alliance (mandated members):

  • The Department of Children & Families
  •  The Circuit Court
  •  The Police Department
  • The Children’s Services Council (in Miami – The Children’s Trust)
  • The United Way
  • The School System
  • County Government

Prospective members may be nominated or apply without nomination by submitting the required forms to the CBC Alliance Executive Director (contact information below). The Membership Committee reviews all applications and attached CVs and makes recommendations to the CBC Alliance regarding the applicant’s qualifications. The board then votes on whether to elect the prospective member to the board. Please note that no member, except for mandated members, may receive payment for contractual services from DCF or Our Kids.

Member Terms
Designated mandated members are not term limited; however, individuals from the  designated agency may be substituted. All other members shall serve for either two years or three years, depending on the term for which the member is elected. A member may only serve a maximum of two full consecutive terms. Terms run through December 31st of the calendar year, irrespective of the date of appointment to the CBC  Alliance. If a member serves two consecutive terms, a two-year layoff period will be required  before a new application for membership may be considered.

The CBC Alliance has the following standing committees:
Executive Committee: Responsible for developing monthly CBC Alliance agendas; overseeing administration issues, assigning specific issues or projects to other standing committees and serving as the leadership of the CBC Alliance. This committee is comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, DCF District Administrator and the chair  of each CBC Alliance standing Committee.

Membership Committee: Responsible for ensuring that the CBC Alliance has a  complete roster; recruiting and recommending new members; tracking membership attendance and participation and addressing other matters related to membership of the  CBC Alliance. The CBC Alliance committees meet generally on a monthly basis or as needed and the  meetings usually last from one to one and half hours.

Meetings  &  Attendance
The full CBC Alliance meets the first Thursday of every month, with a few exceptions, from 8:30 am – 10:30 am at 401 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida in the Department of Children and Families District Administrator’s office in the North Tower (N-1011). This meeting is open to the public and is generally attended by representatives from Our Kids and its full case  management agency network. CBC Alliance members are expected to attend all CBC Alliance meetings. Three  unexcused absences may result in termination from the CBC Alliance.

Member Obligations
CBC Alliance members are expected to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Complete member orientation
  • Attend and participate in all scheduled monthly CBC Alliance meetings
  • Serve on a minimum of one committee and attend all scheduled meetings of that  committee
  • Review all CBC Alliance-related information and documentation provided and respond as necessary
  • Participate in CBC Alliance-related activities and events
  • Advocate in the community on behalf of the CBC Alliance and its endeavors

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact

Michelle Breuer, CBC Alliance Executive Director at 305.577.1778 or

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